Storybook Adventures


Storybook Adventures promises to make any event memorable as well as magical. Our main goal is to inspire your children; to make them feel special, beautiful, smart, and strong. We teach them to believe in themselves and to be kind to others around them because that is what makes a true Princess or a Prince.

About the Owner

Megan is the owner and one of the entertainers at Storybook Adventures. Megan's princess career began many years ago while splashing and singing like a mermaid in her Arizona pool. She has always had a soft spot for furry forest animals, far off adventures, fairy tales, sweet children, and magical fun and she couldn't be more thrilled where her passions have led her.


Megan has an extensive background in child care, teaching, and working with children.  In her college years she worked as a nanny, coached pre-k and kindergarten soccer, and tutored at the local elementary and middle schools. Megan has both her Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in English and English Literature and currently teaches grown princes and princesses at Des Moines Area Community College sharing her love of classic fairy tales and literature. Megan has 2 little princesses who fill her life with adventure, wonder, and love--the things every good storybook is made of.


Megan is passionate about helping children, building their self-esteem, fostering a love of education, and lifting each child up toward their dreams. Storybook Adventures and all of the cast members strive to make each and every child feel special, loved, and royal in every way.

~Princesses can do extraordinary things when they know they have somebody to believe in them. 



"Snow White was brilliant. She never once broke character, we were all in awe of her-she was FABULOUS.I loved her message to the girls about how princesses have kind hearts and that they are kind to others-what a great message to hear from SNOW WHITE."


Storybook Adventures did an absolutely amazing job at a special birthday celebration we held for a 9-year-old Des Moines girl battling leukemia. She had ‘wished’ for a Princess Ball, where she could dress up and dance. When the Storybook Adventures characters showed up, she got the Princess Party of a life time that she and her friends and family will always remember. The characters were absolutely wonderful, engaging with all of the kids of ALL ages, as well as the adults in attendance, never deviating from being ‘in character’. From dancing and helping with crafts, to leading an interactive story and posing for photos, it was truly a magical experience for everyone who attended!


"My little girl absolutely loved it! I loved her costume, it looks just like the real thing:) She was so great with the kids!! Thanks Lauren for making my child's day! Especially since we won't be visiting Disney Land for a while"


My beautiful grand-daughter lives many hours away. I missed her birthday party and wanted to give her a memorable birthday celebration here with me and her other family members who do not get to see her very often. She told me that Sleeping Beauty is her favorite princess, so I requested that the princess come for the celebration . {My granddaughter} answered the door and was star-struck. Her enormous brown eyes got even bigger, and she talked with the princess as if she had known her for a long time. She listened to the story with rapt attention, danced and sang. She asked many questions. After Sleeping Beauty left, {my granddaughter} asked me how I contacted the princess. I told her that when I want to converse with her, I just think of fairies and magic, and she talks with me. Loved every minute!


Storybook Adventures is an exciting company that continues to impress me. The costumes are quality, the princesses are beautiful and talented and they care about giving back and serving the community. Hire them today to make a child's dream come true!



My daughter loved it!! Belle did an amazing job. She had a beautiful voice and the girls were in awe of her!!!! Thank you for making E's wish come true!!!


What a lovely company! I can't say enough about how great they are! The owner is a doll and is a joy to work with, so sweet and so professional! And their costumes and performers are beautiful! I would highly recommend storybook adventures!


Fantastic! Beautiful girls and top class entertainment. What a gem!


A wonderful, wholesome, educational, entertainment for young children.


I highly recommend Storybook Adventures! True princesses from the inside out!


Highly recommend this company. I know the owner personally and she really puts her heart and soul into this company and putting smiles on kids faces! If you need a realistic princess, this is where to book!


I've never seen anybody try harder to teach little girls in the most magical way about their infinite worth! Sometimes all they need to see and know is that good is out there and that dragon's can be beat, and that there really are some things worth fighting for!




All you moms searching for an idea for your little one's birthday or just a fun get together for all kids, look no further!!


A truly lovely company! I highly recommend them. You will never be disappointed when you book with Storybook Adventures. :)


Wonderful Company with amazing high quality costumes I definitely recommend them!


 Best birthday's ever! You will not be disappointed by their perfect princess parties. You will get exactly what you hope for and more. Above and beyond perfection.