Frequently Asked Questions


Terms and Condititons


How far in advance do I need to book?


We ask that you book your party 4-6 weeks in advance. Deposit is required and non-refundable if canceled. 


What happens if I need to cancel?
We will be happy to reschedule the party as time permits. The party must be scheduled within two weeks.


How far do you travel and how much is mileage?


We cover:
Urbandale, Iowa and close neighboring cities.

If a party is requested farther out, it will be up to the performer to decide if they can travel or not. Mileage is .50 cents per mile from our headquarters in Waukee. Additional travel charges may apply if outside of 30 mile radius of Waukee.
Where are the parties held?
We come to you! All our parites must be held indoors unless given permission. Our costumes and wigs are very expensive and we dont want to ruin them. You will be held responsible for any damage done to our costumes by your guests. Please save messy activities and food for after your princess leaves. If we are made aware that a party was held outdoors without permission, additional fee's may incur. 


How many children can we invite?
Due to manageability, our packages accomodate 10 total children per party (including birthday child) If you have more, please let us know so we can include additional charges. 



What days and hours do you do parties?


Depending on character availability, our princess are available Monday through Saturday. 
Our princesses have been promised Sunday's off so they can rest and spend time with their families. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 
How much do I tip?


Our performers job begins far before they arrive at your party. They research and study the characters, rehearse the songs, recreate character-specific makeup, and more. To show your appreciation, you are welcome to tip them appropriately. Although it is appreciated, it is never expected! Typically, gratuity ranges from $10 to $100. Please only pay cash at the end of party, privately to ensure the magic remains. 


Party Host Safety Guidelines


If a character feels unsafe for any reason, they will leave immediately. No inappropriate language or behavior of any kind will be tolerated. An unsafe party atmosphere violates the agreement and we are under NO obligation to provide party services or refunds. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 



​When you pay your deposit to book a party, you are agreeing to provide a safe environment for party guests and the characters.​ Please be advised that we assume no responsibility or liability resulting from accidents or damage caused during your party to your guests or to your property. Your party entertainer will attempt to ensure that your home and guests are treated with care; however, liability will lie strictly with the client. We advise clients to observe all party activities. Although the party character is there to entertain the children, it is the responsibility of the client, and/or guests parents, to resolve behavioral problems or to care for children in the event of injury or illness.

When your deposit is made, you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions. Please speak personally with the owner or manager to ensure availability and character preference prior to deposit. Final balance will be paid to your performer(s) at the end of the party.


Are you licensed? 


Please note that our characters are NOT the licensed, copyrighted or trademarked characters you may be familiar with, but representations of characters from the classic fairy tales. These stories and characters are very old (some by hundreds of years!) and many versions have become public domain. We are NOT affiliated with any company, group or theme park that may own the rights to similar characters or stories and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.